Crypto betting on Doge, TRX. How we made our fortune? lol

As you see we love crypto betting too and we make real bets on real sports events and we use DOGE, TRX, BTC for betting.

We believe that with crypto gambling we can earn more coins when the market fails and it is good insurance to be profitable with your investments. Earlier we author of this crypto gambling rating invested 400$ in Doge when rate was 0.6$ per Doge coin, then we saw how doge coin dropped to 0.2$. But now we made x3 on betting and even at the current rate we have 400$ in Doge… In crypto betting we see ideal opportunity to earn crypto coins.

This is why we play again and again on crypto coins at and other crypto gambling sites.

Our last bets were made on Olympic Football Finals where Brazil played against Spain. Our bet was very simple – Brazil to score 1st goal. Finally, Brazil scored.

We doubled our TRX + Doge in crypto betting. Play and win!