Football crypto betting: We won but failed.

Yep, it was a crazy 2 days with a lot of football crypto betting games where you can fail or and win with your stakes. We failed with our bets on all La Liga matches + with bets on Serie A and Manchester United, but we won some money with our risky 1000 ETH bet on Chelsea’s goals, but finally we failed with their 3rd goal and all other matches…

You know betting hurts from time to time but don’t panic and find you game, line and odds. We did it and you can do it too.

We have 25% ROI and we believe that during the next few football betting days we can double our balance and see +700-800 usd in ETH, but again it was a crazy weekend thanks to our skills and football crypto betting sites where you can bet on crypto coins.

No more words, just place your bets with our betting sites recommendations and win more and more crypto coins.